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I+ACEH 2019

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Profil I+Aceh 2020

| 14-01-2015   17:41:48 WIB

The 5rd I+Aceh 2020 is an International exhibition of innovation and invention which is heldy by Ubudiyah University Of Indonesia annually. The first event had been successfully implemented in 2015 with 109 teams from Indonesia, Malaysia, Kanada, USA, South Korea, Thailand, adn Bangladesh. The category of exhibition were devide into : Recycling Art Competition, Creativity and Innovation Competition, and Engineering Technology Competition.

In general, the 5rd I+Aceh 2020 has the purpose to meet the vision of World Class Cyber University of UUI in 2025. This event specifically intended for publication of the best acedemic and commercial work created by lecturer and students in oreser to develop such innovative ideas. This activity alsa expected to provide an innovative ideas can embodied in product as well as bringing benefits to the community.

The 5rd I+Aceh 2020 has the main purpose as the Technopreneurship Workshop.

All the works and ideas which will be presented in the 5rd I+Aceh 2020 will be assessed profesionally by the group of international judges.