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I+ACEH 2019

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Innovation Teams from South Korea and India Will Attend I + ACEH 2019

| 30-08-2019   14:43:03 WIB | count view ()

Banda Aceh - The 2019 International Creativity and Engineering Exhibition innovation event organized by Universitas
Ubudiyah Indonesia (UUI) received an extraordinary response from overseas participants. This international scale
activity is planned to be held on 1 to 2 October 2019 at the University of Ubudiyah Indonesia, Banda Aceh.
This annual event, which has been held since 2015, is an exhibition of innovative innovations from lecturers and
students from various universities in the world. The Rector of the Ubudiyah University of Indonesia, Prof. Adjunct. Marniati, SE, M. Kes said that several teams from
abroad will take part in this event. "If there are no obstacles, God willing, 15 Participants from South Korea and 16
Participants from India will attend. Among others, from the Srinivasa Ramanujan Institute of Technology (SRIT), India.
In addition, 8 judges from abroad will also be present at this innovation event. Our hope is that they will be
smooth on their way to Aceh, "he said. For the first time, the I + ACEH event in 2015 was attended by 109 teams from Malaysia, Canada, the United States,
South Korea, Thailand and Bangladesh. The exhibition was divided into several categories, namely the Recycling Art
Competition, the Creativity and Innovation Competition, and the Engineering Technology Competition. The Head of The Committee I + Aceh 2019, M. Bayu Wibawa, S.Kom., M.MSI, said that this 2019 was the fourth
year of the I + ACEH. "A little different from the previous year, this year there were additional activities such as
international seminars and product presentations and innovations from all participants, and were also participated by elementary school students," he explained. "The international seminar with the theme" How to Create a Design Thingking and Innovation Idea ", he added. This international scale activity is an effort of Ubudiyah University of Indonesia to realize the world class cyber
university in 2025, and increase student interest in the field of science and technology development. The I + ACEH event was held in collaboration with the world discovery innovation organization, the Malaysian Research and Innovation Society (MyRIS). Complete information on this activity can be accessed via the website www.iplusaceh.uui.ac.id or through the committee secretariat on the Ubudiyah University of Indonesia campus, Jl. Alue Naga, Tibang, Banda Aceh. [UUI]