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Creativity and Innovation (44)  : 53.7%
Engineering Technology (23)  : 28.0%
Recycling Art (8)  : 9.8%
Robotic (4)  : 4.9%
Total: 82


Hari Ini : 25
Kemarin : 23
Bulan Ini : 345
Total Views : 29809

I+ACEH 2016

Visit Aceh

Competition Categories

| 03-02-2016   12:08:15 WIB


Recycle Art is a series of activities consisting of various competitions as a platform to create a work of superior or innovative and creative products that use waste in an effort to increase awareness about the environment. In the Art Recycling activities participants are expected to create an innovation and creation of superior art value from the waste recycling of used and can be beneficial for the environment. Recycled art is exploring the potential of creative and innovative faculty, students and high school students / equivalent to recycle items of household and furniture so as to inspire visitors to look at the possibility of goods that may have otherwise become trash and have been removed can be used as goods more valuable. Recycling Art Competition in 2017 in addition to scheduled as an event race, also held to encourage visitors to take initiative to maintain the household furniture that can be reused and minimizing waste household items from the Final Disposal (TPA).


Creativity and Innovation competition provides a wide range of talents, works, and services from the kerativitas lecturers, students and high school students / equivalent as well as a variety of unique works that can be entertaining as well as increase the knowledge of visitors about the works that are innovative. These activities are intended to support the development and technological progress of a country especially in Indonesia, because when a developing country is able to produce the innovations of new technologies, the development of good intensity of economic, social, and other sectors will increase significantly.

Seeing this potential, then these activities will support creativity and innovation in producing the best work of the nation in the form of an applicative work that can be used as a solution to improve the welfare of society. In the competition, participants are not only required to produce work that is innovative, but also required to produce work that is environmentally friendly. These works will be a useful product in the community. The final goal of the activities in this category is the work produced will be a study of community and have a patent that will be developed up to mass production in the future.


Robotics Competition is intended that participants will be able to design and build a robot capable of completing the task as well as playing against the other team to be the best. The system design should be innovative robot so it can compete in a qualifying match, elimination and skills challenges such as the robot is able to balance on the balance beam or other challenge. Each team will be given a set of standard parts, and allowed to issue a budget to buy or create custom parts. This competition emphasizes that the team can berkerjsama and compete at the same time. In addition to competition in the field, the team and the team members compete for jury votes in the development of creativity, engineering, industrial design, security, control, media, quality and core values contained from the design of every team. The purpose of this activity is to develop science and technology.


Engineering & Technology Competition is a vehicle that combines engineering and technology owned by professors, students and high school students / equivalent. Where participants will exhibit their project work with each other to combine scientific knowledge and techniques to put the design techniques to produce work of production and manufacturing. This activity focuses on aspects of applied science and engineering rather than to the theoretical and analytical, where participants must be able to produce and test the products associated with todays modern technological equipment.